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1-on-1 Coaching Program

Women’s Individualized Negotiation (W.I.N)

Empower yourself with strategic skills to achieve a higher pay or position.

We’re Here For The Win!

What is W.I.N?

Women’s Individualized Negotiation Coaching Program is a 6-month commitment to yourself.

It is designed to empower women with the ability to NEGOTIATE for a raise or a promotion. And do so with confidence.

W.I.N dispels the myth that when you hold out for something big and ask for it, then you’re being too pushy. You start doubting yourself, thinking you may lose what is already a good thing going for you.

Fear creeps in. In the end, you settle for where you are and what you have.

What if I told you that “settling for” can cost you? It will cost you opportunities to improve your life, happiness, and financial state. Most of all, it damages your self-worth.

In just 6 months, through 1-on-1 private coaching sessions, W.I.N changes all that, helping you break through the limitations you impose on yourself due to your restricting beliefs.

Who is W.I.N for?

This Negotiation Coaching Program is for mid-career and aspiring women leaders who suffer from negative self-talk, such as:

“Are you as good as you think you are?”

“Shouldn’t you be satisfied with what you have?”

“Don’t be ungrateful!”

“Of course, you’re getting a lower salary. That’s what you’re entitled to. After all, you’re a woman.”

My coaching program is also for you if you’ve heard those comments from colleagues, friends, family, or acquaintances. They have been told so often that you have started to believe them.

If you desire to banish those beliefs and decide it’s time for a higher remuneration or a more significant role, then this program is for you.

You alone hold the power to shrink the gender pay gap. You just need to know how to go about it.

So, transform your life with this extraordinary tool for effective negotiations.

After your 6-month commitment, I guarantee you will:

✅ Discover a clear vision of what you want.

✅ Achieve that elusive fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

✅ Uncover your true worth.

✅ Feel comfortable asking for what you’ve earned and deserve.

✅ Use the power of negotiation to obtain gains in your personal and professional life.

✅ Effectively negotiate for a raise or a promotion.

5 Phases Of The W.I.N. Coaching Program

This method ensures success, but only if you work through the entire process.

Know Yourself, Grow Yourself

Activity: You will complete a DISC personality assessment to measure how you:

  • Respond to challenges

  • Influence others

  • Prefer your pace

  • React to rules and procedures

Objective: To help you learn to value your strength and that of others.

Key Takeaway: When you recognize your strengths and limitations, you can put your best self forward at any negotiating table.

Phase 1

Everything Is Negotiable

Activity: Do you need to negotiate? Unquestionably the answer is "Yes." Negotiating helps you get what you want. Begin with a mindset that you deserve all the things you aspire for and that you are worth every single one.

Objective: To identify areas in your life that require significant improvements.

Key Takeaway: You will have a clear vision of where you are and where you want to be.

Phase 2

Set The Foundation

Activity: Discovering the basics of negotiation strategy and learning critical skills to help you build a winning case by adopting the WIN framework for planning and preparing for a negotiation.

Objective: To gain an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of negotiation from a vantage point and emerge a winner.

Key Takeaway: You will learn to identify and collect crucial information to enhance your negotiating position by a considerable margin.

Phase 3

Planning For Negotiation

Activity: Studying the fundamentals of:

  • Deciding what to ask for and setting the right target

  • Identifying the best time to present your request

  • Learning the ropes of the cooperative approach, so both parties benefit from the outcome

  • Making an offer so irresistible that the other party cannot refuse

Objective: To be prepared for all possible scenarios that could happen at the negotiating table.

Key Takeaway: You will be able to craft a coherent, cohesive, comprehensive, and convincing proposal that fully supports and justifies your request.

Phase 4


Activity: Practicing the script you prepared through various scenarios until you can confidently deliver it. Also, covering loopholes, strengthening weak links, if any, and tweaking your narrative to reinforce your case.

Objective: To equip you with the competency to reach a favorable outcome which is critical to negotiating pay or promotion.

Key Takeaway: You will combine all the skills and strategies you’ve learned from the four previous phases to create your negotiation playbook and put it into action.

Phase 5

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